Who we are


All big issues that surround us today are made of many small parts.

“why carry a mountain of problems when you can climb that mountain or when you can break the mountain into small rocks”

We can make a big difference through a “small act” that WE CAN EACH DO

What is this small act?
ANYONE can wear our t-shirts with a big smile on them. It is a very simple thing to do, but the result, as you will see, will bring about a big change for each cause IN WHICH WE BELIEVE.

One by one we plant the seeds, together we sow the fruits of our deeds.


The essence of Human Beings is Being Human. We, as a society, have created too many barriers and walls among us, RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC BORDERS which divide us as a people. We need to return to our ways of the past that will make us all one. (this isnt a concept I adhere to, we were divided as a people all the way back to the ancient egyptiens...) We need to re-remember that we are all human, and the meaning of being human is that we respect each other for the fundamental fact that we are all IMPORTANT. We must welcome, share, and care for each other to show our humanity.

With 1 Smile at a Time, “We are the many and they are the few". Together we will unite and with our small acts of kindness and love we will make big changes for all of humanity.

In the words of Mother Teresa: “I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”

Countries Reached