Sprouting Soon

We at “1 Smile at a Time” are proud to announce, that very, very soon we will be starting our mission to keep this planet greener.

With your help and every smile we will; explore and develop programs around the world which will:

  1. Remove carbon from our fresh air
  2. Stop the adding of carbon into our air
  3. Save trees
  4. Plant new trees
  5. Create systems for the locals in each region to learn how to plant and manage trees
  6. Educating the old and young to value the environment and create a sustainable economy around the environment.

Our Journey

Our Journey begins by reporting and exploring different parts of the world which are effected by deforestation.

During this journey we will work with local groups and NGOs that are putting efforts to protecting the trees in there natural environment. We will explore ideas and systems that we can help facilitate for these groups and NGOs.

Along with our T-shirts we will work closely with musicians from around the world to create an album, that will represent the global efforts to protect our environment and trees.

Our Mission

To bring awareness and a method by which everyone can contribute in a small way with a smile to protect our trees and cleanup our environment.

Our T-shirts will represent a reduction of two metric tons of carbon that has been removed or prevented from entering our fresh air.

Our music album Will represent a similar reduction of three metric tons of carbon that has been removed or prevented from entering our fresh air.

Your Help

As we share the planet and its air, we share the responsibility of keeping this planet healthy and green.

Your help is required:

Spreading the word

Cleaning up your neighborhood in and protecting your trees, and environment.

You can also show your support by donating to our mission, to help remove carbon from our air. You will receive our gift of the #1greensmile T-shirt or the music album with artists from around the world compiling this global orchestra of music.