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Donate your Smile to make a Big Change
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About The #1Smile Movement

The Hidden Power of the Smile

See and learn how powerful a smile is by the experts.
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With Every Smile you have there is another soul smiling too, spread the love
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Our Supporters
Everyone from the most famous, to your next door neighbor can support the cause.
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Mission Statement

The essence of Human Beings is Being Human. We as a society have created too many barriers and walls amongst our-self. When we see all the country, border, religious, social, and economical lines we have created, ALL which divide us, we need to return to our ways of the past that will make us all one.We need to re-remember that we are all human, and the meaning of being human is that we respect each other for the fundamental fact that we are all IMPORTANT, from one to another the thing we must do is welcome, share and care for each other to show our humanity. With 1 Smile at a Time “We are the many and they are the few.” Together we will unite and with our small acts of kindness and love we will make big changes for all of humanity. And as per Mother Teresa “I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish”